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Get Your Texas Hold'em Pro Charts Now!

Price: $14.95 + $2.95 S&H

Get Your Texas Hold'em Pro Charts Now!

The key element for those wanting to improve their texas holdem strategy in a No Limit or Pot Limit Texas Holdem Tournament lies in the concept of Positional Isolation. A successful isolation play will give you position on your opponent or opponents. Of course it helps if you know what cards to play at a given position at the table and the best way to become an expert in hand selection is to use Texas Holdem Super Pro Charts. Texas Hold'em Super pro charts have been used by World Series of Poker champions and by thousands of Texas Hold'em tournament players for years. If you have ever watched a professional poker player in action you may have noticed that they glance down at a small piece of paper during their play. That is how simple it is to use the portable version of Texas Hold'em Super Pro Charts. Once you know which cards to play the next secret is the use of your position at the table during a hand. Yes if you want to become a great poker player you need to use Texas Holdem Super Pro Charts and to gain positional advantage on your opponents, whatever their playing style. Believe it or not most of your opponents have no idea how to achieve positional advantage in a hand and they are not sure which cards to play pre flop. This lack of texas holdem strategy hurts your opponents chances against you. Remember when it comes to texas holdem strategy it is often a little difference that results in your winning a hand. If you win enough hands with the help of Texas Hold'em Super Pro Charts you will become a tournament champion.

It is an important part of the game for those wanting to improve their skills and essential for those wanting to become good enough to play in the World Series Of Poker that you learn which hands to play in which position and to gain positional advantage on the hands that you play. If you see a player isolating with position you should be careful against this player. Either he/she just did that by fluke or you know you have a player at your table that you want to avoid. If you want to become a threat at the tables and to achieve a respected level of play then you better start considering “positional isolation” and Texas Hold'em Super Pro Charts as part of your strategy to play winning Texas Hold'em.

Ask Tom McEvoy about Texas Hold'em Super Pro Charts? He won a World Series of Poker and he knows a good texas holdem strategy edge when he see's one.

"Take it from me, Tom McEvoy
... In my 25 years as a professional poker player (I can tell you) Texas Hold'em Super Pro Charts are a great way to improve your poker game!"


Tom McEvoy, World Series of Poker Champion and noted author of 10 books on winning poker.

"... the (Texas Hold'em Super Pro) chart I ordered has really improved my game, playing the online tables. It's been a great help at the single table tournaments as well. My confidence playing Texas Hold'em has taken a big jump. I used to wonder if the hands I was keeping were worth the blinds, but not anymore. ... Thanks for having a great product on the market."
-J. Schroeder, Canyon, TX.

"Thank you for a quality product!
Looks good as well as functional."

-V. Valderrama, Orland Park, IL.

"With the information I learned from the Texas Hold'em Super Pro Charts, I was able to win over $200,000.00 in tournament winnings in less than one year!"
-S.K., Tustin, CA.

HOWARD SCHWARTZ, Gambler's Book Club - Las Vegas, NV
on Texas Hold'em Super Pro Charts....

"The beauty of the Texas Hold'em Super Pro Charts is that the 64 best starting hands are about the best possible guidelines you can use in order to make a judgment as to whether or not to even get involved..."

"This format also allows you to see the types of lower percentage hands, such as a lower-ranked suited connectors (6-7 for example) and mid-value suited one-gap connectors (8-10 for example), which are worth playing when there are many players in the pot. 'Obviously, you need to be in a mid-to-late position in order to make the decision,' enclosed literature for product advises. For the price, this is one of the most important tutorials for beginners and those with short memories about which hands are worth staying with and which are to be avoided at all costs."

Howard Schwartz, the "Librarian for Gamblers," is the Marketing Director for Gambler's Book Club in Las Vegas, NV a position he has held since 1979. Author of hundreds of articles on gambling, his weekly book reviews appear in numerous publications throughout the gaming industry.



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Set includes:
(1) 17x22 Chart
(1) 5x7 Chart
(2) Wallet Size Charts

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With the information on these charts, you will be able to GET AN EDGE on your competition!